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Norman Rockwell Jigsaw Puzzle March 16, 2016

Filed under: Cats,Jigsaw Puzzles,Katerina — Janet @ 7:57 pm

Another puzzle completed – 4 pieces are missing – blame the cat   Katerina likes to jump up on the table and scatter (playfully!) as many pieces as possible.IMG_9881

IMG_9839   I hoped that by putting her favorite box on the table that that would satisfy her.  What an adorable rascal.

p.s. 2 days later – all the missing pieces have been found – hooray.  So Katerina didn’t swallow a piece after all – she only chewed.



One Response to “Norman Rockwell Jigsaw Puzzle”

  1. Bettina Says:

    jigsaws – I love jigsaws, but my only try since Mr Pringles (the new cat) moved in ended up in fun for the cat – not so much fun for me:( the pieces are kicked around like a football in a match – and end up in the remotest corners! of course, once they are there – the game is boring, so they stay there until I dig them out again:( the worst bit is that the cat looks utterly adorable when creating havoc:) so maybe jigsaws have to wait until cat is older – and wiser (aka slower?:).yarn balls are a similar story, but after a serious talking too a few days ago (the cat has taste – only the finest quality of yarn will do:) he left my stuff alone – for now…
    anyway – happy st patrick’s day (didn’t know about st gertrude and the cats!) to you!
    from the west of ireland, where we have had 4 days of sunshine in a row – jay:)

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