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Saint Gertrude’s Day March 17, 2016

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St Gertrudes Day and Cats


Moving On – My Book Collection

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Recently (March 2016) there was huge gas explosion near the Buzzard – I haven’t managed to view any damage yet. There was a long line of traffic the other day when Susan and I tried to drive by.

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Today I had a nice bike ride (sort of in the rain) over to the Couth Buzzard in Greenwood.  Uphill a fair bit of the way but nothing drastic if you choose your route carefully.

  this is the bookstore

I took several books – 8-10 – in the bicycle pannier.  Exchanged them all for credit.  And then found a few different ones to bring home.  Net change in my book collection – probably about minus 5.  This is a slow process!!  But an enjoyable one – and I also had a good cup of coffee as I browsed the book shelves.

On my ride home, I came to the top of one hill and wondered if I was in a different country.  Maybe back in Bhutan.  A weird feeling.

  a monastery with prayer flags flying – the Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism

p.s. as a matter of curiousity I…

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Janet’s Books Relocating

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  some of my readers may remember this little notice that I had at my “book table” at the Dublin City Book Fairs.  That was almost 2 years ago now.  Well, all the unsold book stock got packed and shipped to Seattle.  Over the past few months it has been unpacked, moved around the house, stored in the hallway, stored in the garage etc.  Now I think those books are going to be relocated again.  I have taken a few to a used bookstore in Greenwood, the Uncouth Buzzard.  The Uncouth Buzzard bought about 6000 books from Epilogue when it closed down on Market Street here in Ballard.   A sad day when Epilogue closed last August.  Correction, I now understand that the Uncouth Buzzard is now the Couth Buzzard.  A book store and espresso cafe – a cool place.

I was over in the University District earlier this week and…

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