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Janet’s Books Relocating March 17, 2016

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Janet's thread

  some of my readers may remember this little notice that I had at my “book table” at the Dublin City Book Fairs.  That was almost 2 years ago now.  Well, all the unsold book stock got packed and shipped to Seattle.  Over the past few months it has been unpacked, moved around the house, stored in the hallway, stored in the garage etc.  Now I think those books are going to be relocated again.  I have taken a few to a used bookstore in Greenwood, the Uncouth Buzzard.  The Uncouth Buzzard bought about 6000 books from Epilogue when it closed down on Market Street here in Ballard.   A sad day when Epilogue closed last August.  Correction, I now understand that the Uncouth Buzzard is now the Couth Buzzard.  A book store and espresso cafe – a cool place.

I was over in the University District earlier this week and…

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