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Moving On – My Book Collection March 17, 2016

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Recently (March 2016) there was huge gas explosion near the Buzzard – I haven’t managed to view any damage yet. There was a long line of traffic the other day when Susan and I tried to drive by.

Janet's thread

Today I had a nice bike ride (sort of in the rain) over to the Couth Buzzard in Greenwood.  Uphill a fair bit of the way but nothing drastic if you choose your route carefully.

  this is the bookstore

I took several books – 8-10 – in the bicycle pannier.  Exchanged them all for credit.  And then found a few different ones to bring home.  Net change in my book collection – probably about minus 5.  This is a slow process!!  But an enjoyable one – and I also had a good cup of coffee as I browsed the book shelves.

On my ride home, I came to the top of one hill and wondered if I was in a different country.  Maybe back in Bhutan.  A weird feeling.

  a monastery with prayer flags flying – the Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism

p.s. as a matter of curiousity I…

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