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The Magic of Post Cards March 20, 2016

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I am always on the lookout for postcards to add to my eclectic collection.  When I was in Hong Kong, I had high hopes of finding something unusual but all they had were the touristy glossy ones.  In Dymock’s Book Store in Stanley though I found some notecards which were reproductions of old photographs.  On the front of the notecard was an old photograph and on the back was a more modern photograph.  Here are 2 I bought – unfolded to show the front and the back.

  Star Ferry 1930/1997  Queen’s Road Central 1929/2007

These cards were done by Catherine Art Depot and in looking up their website I find they do all sorts of interesting things.  Alas, my days in Hong Kong were too short to follow up with an on-site visit or phone call to inquire about sources for old postcards and photographs.  An idea for my…

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