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Dance : Weekly Photo Challenge March 21, 2016

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When this performance took place I was either in Dublin or Nairobi Kenya. Unaware of this epic taking place.

Retirement and beyond

There can only be one dance..Riverdance with Michael Flatley, which stunned and amazed the world when it was first performed as the ‘interval entertainment’ during a break in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 in Dublin.

It still gives me goosebumps to watch it and to remember the first time I saw it.  I was living in Harare, Zimbabwe, and was sitting late one night when everyone else had gone to bed, searching for the Eurovision on our satellite dish.  At that time satellite dishes were new to Zimbabwe, our dish was about 6 meters in diameter, and we had to hire a crane to position it behind our garage.   We lived on a hill and according to the ‘experts’ at the time, that was the best place to pick up a signal.   Picking up a signal had to be done manually with the control, and every…

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