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A Newspaper Clipping March 23, 2016

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I found an old address book and in it was a newspaper clipping from the Court and Personal column of The Times.  In this particular clipping it starts out with “The Prime Minister Mr. Wilson is expected to attend the wedding in London today of Lady Rachel Pakenham,25, third daughter of the Earl of Longford…….. ”      Read down a little bit and you read about the Queen Mother.  And then da da there’s the McKee-Miller  The engagement is announced etc       Fun to find that clipping 50 years later.  I don’t know how we made it to The Times – we certainly aren’t Sir Ian and Lady Janet.  But in my genealogy there are a few Lady Janets way back in time so maybe I can pretend I carry the mantle.







Snippets From My Genealogy

Sir Robert Sheriff of Shropshire Corbett Knight – my 13th Great Grandfather.  I particularly like the Sheriff of Shropshire part of his title.   That conjures up visions of Robin Hood.  And Shropshire makes me think of the author Edith Pargeter.  And Brother Cadfael and Derek Jacobi.

tomb of Robert and Elizabeth Vernon  tomb of Sir Robert and Lady Elizabeth