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New Ross letter box March 24, 2016

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A visitor’s observations on a post box in Ireland.

Locksands Life

Regular readers of this blog may recall that I am an absolute sucker for post boxes. I prefer rural locations and tend to favour boxes mounted in walls rather than the free standing pillar boxes but sometimes you come across a pillar box that just screams out to be noticed and this is one of them. It is in New Ross, Ireland. This town is on the banks of the River Barrow in County Wexford. It is about twenty miles from Waterford. We were there way back in 1990. And here is the pillar box.

Of course, you need to know a bit of Irish history here. Eire, covering the bulk of the island but not six counties in the north, was granted independence from the United Kingdom (after a bloody struggle) in 1922. It remained a dominion for some time and became a republic in the 1940s.

Infrastructure that…

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2 Responses to “New Ross letter box”

  1. Ite Wall Says:

    Hi Janet. An Post have been re-painting some Dublin post boxes Royal Red to reflect the colour they were in 1916. I haven’t seen any myself!

  2. Janet Says:

    Hi Ite – most interesting. I hope you spot one. I’m reading so much about the commemorations. Local history comes alive. All best wishes Janet

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