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Random Photos March 26, 2016

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Walking in Ireland - Sugarloaf  Tullow Parih  walking in Ireland


IMG_9250  I think Katerina wants her dinner – hint hint

20160223_191543 copy    There’s a storm on the way


Another Crochet Blanket

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IMG_9950  3rd crochet blanket in current series


Northern Flicker

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220px-Northern_Flicker from wikipedia  One of my favorite birds.

IMG_9945  Look very carefully and you’ll see my Flicker visitor.  Seen as I sit at my computer.  He appears quite regularly.


Wet blogging!

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A Bushsnob in Africa

Probably, through earlier posts I gave you the impression that living at the foot of the Andes is a dream. While this is true to a very large extent, it also has climatic and technological shortcomings that need to be accepted to enjoy it.

The climate is dry and cool in winter with most days being sunny and warm in the middle of the day when it is possible to be outside wearing a short-sleeved shirt. At that time some frost does take place at night, responsible for our failures with our tree and plant growing efforts but otherwise life is great at that time. Unfortunately, we visit Salta in summer and autumn!

The summer is hotter and rather humid. The rain in some areas reaches up to 2,500 mm (2.5 metres!) and cloud forests are the predominant kind of vegetation around us. For a cloud forest to be such…

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