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Stopover Leftover Popover March 27, 2016

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Sitting in a work meeting on performance measures (don’t be jealous) a woman at another table was wearing a shortish stockinette poncho in a light, fuzzy, machine knit – I’ve always scoffed at these, but for whatever reason, this struck me as attractive, and possible useful. Not in my office, which at the moment is quite overheated, but at home, watching the tube, sitting at the desk, even outside on a spring morning.  Plus short enough not to fall into the sink or my supper. I had a hideous hot pink woven poncho from Guatemala when I was about 10 – I think it put me off anything related for many years.  Like this, but very, very pink.


No matter, the siren song of the Stopover Leftovers was calling, and this wrap/poncho seemed like a good way to experiment. I have worn the Stopover nearly daily since finishing it. I was…

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Locksands Life

Now what could Lydia be? In my world I suppose Lydia could be a great aunt or maybe the name of a steam loco. It could even be the title of a song on a 78rpm record – perhaps a Glen Miller one to rhyme with Perfidia. Yes, Lydia Perfidia sounds good to me – but none of these are the case. Lydia was a goose.

I kept geese for some 25 years and I love those birds. They are feisty, of course, but also very endearing. They really came into their own when I came home from a stressful day at work. I’d go and tell my geese about it and they would gather round and express their deep sympathy for my trials of life. OK! I know they weren’t really. They were actually saying, ‘where’s the food?’

Lydia was one of my last geese. Foxes had changed habit…

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Along the Ipswich River, 1860-1930

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Follow the Ipswich River from the Mill dam to the Town Wharf. These photos were digitally developed by the Town Historian from original glass negatives taken by three early Ipswich  photographers: …

Source: Along the Ipswich River, 1860-1930