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Lydia March 27, 2016

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Locksands Life

Now what could Lydia be? In my world I suppose Lydia could be a great aunt or maybe the name of a steam loco. It could even be the title of a song on a 78rpm record – perhaps a Glen Miller one to rhyme with Perfidia. Yes, Lydia Perfidia sounds good to me – but none of these are the case. Lydia was a goose.

I kept geese for some 25 years and I love those birds. They are feisty, of course, but also very endearing. They really came into their own when I came home from a stressful day at work. I’d go and tell my geese about it and they would gather round and express their deep sympathy for my trials of life. OK! I know they weren’t really. They were actually saying, ‘where’s the food?’

Lydia was one of my last geese. Foxes had changed habit…

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