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Alexander Alford – My 8X Great Grandfather March 31, 2016

English Immigrant

Alexander Alford, 1627-1687, born in Whitestaunton Somerset England, came to America in 1637 at the age of  10, settled in Windsor/Hartford Connecticut, died in 1687 in Northampton Massachusetts.  In coming to America he is listed as the primary immigrant, accompanied by Brother Benedict and Sister Joan.

the following is from a manuscript found on the internet
“Benedict, Alexander and Joanna Alford were early settlers in
Windsor, Conn. From Alexander Alford the whole Alvord family
of the United States is descended, from Benedict it may be estimated
that nearly three-fourths of the Alfords are descended (Their
descendants at present in America are about equal). The date of
their coming to America, and the ship on which they came must
remain in obscurity. It is not unlikely that they were minors and
came from England in company with and under the charge of
friends or relatives. This seems very probable in the case of Alex-
ander and Joanna. Windsor, Conn, was settled in 1635 by a party
from Dorchester. Mass.. many of whom had come to America in
1630 in the ship “]\iary and John.” It is very visionary to believe
that the Alfords were among these, for the Alford name does not
appear on the early Dorchester records nor in the list of passeiogers
on the “Mary and John”, who have been quite full}’ identified. The
earliest date that any of the Windsor Alford family is mentioned
in America is May, 1637, when “Sarg.” Benedict Alford was a
soldier from W^indsor in the Pequot Indian War. In 1640 the town
\ of Windsor granted liim his home-lot. Xo mention is made of
Alexander Alford in America until 1645, when the town of Windsor
granted him a home-lot. He received, however, a grant of land
from the town which bears no date, but the circumstances attending
the grant seem to indicate that it was about 1644. No mention is
made of Joanna Alford until her marriage to Ambrose Fowler in

The kinship of these three Alford settlers is a most important
factor in determining the parentage in England, and it is a most
fortunate circumstance that this is reasonably well established. The
early local historians and genealogists agree that Benedict and Alex-
ander Alford were brothers and that Joanna Alford was their sister.
As a further evidence of this it may be noted that the three are
found together in the same settlement in the “New World”, that the
dates of their marriages (1640, 1646. 1646) and their deaths (1683.
1687, 1684) indicate that they were of about the same age. and that
Jonathan Alford, son of Benedict, accompanied Ambrose Fowler,
Joanna’s husband, in his removal to Westfield, Mass., their names…….”


from another internet source:


One Response to “Alexander Alford – My 8X Great Grandfather”

  1. Amy Says:

    I love seeing the names of so many towns I live close to—Northampton, Westfield, Windsor.

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