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A Knapsack April 1, 2016

This is a diversion from my current focus in my genealogy research.  This is the knapsack carried by my 4X Great Grandfather Benjamin Warner in the Revolutionary War.

benjamin warner's knapsack


2 Responses to “A Knapsack”

  1. zan56 Says:

    That’s funny I was just looking into this. Benjamin Warner was my favorite great aunt Sarah Hall Blanchard’s husband Benjamin Allen Hall’s grandfather. His parents were Allen Hall and Polly Warner. There were many Patriots in the Hall and Warner lines. Benjamin’s father was a private in Capt Ebenezer Down’s Company at the alarm to relieve Fort William Henry in 1757. They are cousins to Col. Seth Warner. Allen Hall’s father James was in the company that pursued the Indians after the Royalton Raid in Vermont in 1780.

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