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St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland April 13, 2016

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St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland

The Anglican Church has designated St. Patrick’s as The National Cathedral of Ireland.  According to legend, c. AD 450, the iconic Saint Patrick first baptized new Christians at a well near the current St. Patrick’s Cathedral site.  In AD 890, the first written record of the site mentions King Gregory of Scotland visiting a church there.  In 1192, John Comyn, the first Anglo-Norman archbishop of Dublin elevated the existing church to collegiate status, which meant there was a body of clergy devoted to learning and worship.  While it is not certain when the church was established as a cathedral, the most likely dates are between 1212 and 1223.

The building of the current cathedral lasted from 1220-1270.  The original spire was blown down during a storm in 1316.  In 1317, while the Bruce wars were raging, the cathedral was set on fire and many precious objects…

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