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Icons Found April 22, 2016

Filed under: Ancestors,Ancestry,Genealogy — Janet @ 2:59 pm

In researching my genealogy I’ve found some icons and images which I think are rather fun.

medieval knight Medieval Knight

Medieval Lord  Medieval Lord

jane eyre  Charlotte Bronte, illustration for Jane Eyre

Lord William Joseph Ball  Lord William Joseph Ball



Barkham Manor, Wokingham, Berkshire

Barkham Manor  Birthplace of 16th century ancestors (possibly)

Here is an item I just found on Wikipedia

“Another prominent farming family, that of Ball, is erroneously said to be that of George Washington’s mother, Mary Ball Washington. They lived in the parish from the late 15th to the mid-17th century, but William Ball, the man once thought to have emigrated to Virginia and become Mary’s great grandfather, may have actually died in London and his family lived in the East Berkshire area for at least two more generations. This is still disputed by American relatives of Mary Ball.[3]”

I am currently struggling to establish the facts about this ancestor who emigrated to Virginia.  I thought all my ancestors came to New England.  Research  continues.