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A Cosy Corner May 1, 2016

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IMG_0199  Before

IMG_0200  After – where else to cuddle up on a hot day?


May 1 – My Maternal Grandmother’s Birth Date

My maternal grandmother was born in Boston Massachusetts on May 1 1872 and was accordingly named May Belle.  Sounds as if her parents, James D. K. Willis and Ellen Cummings, were delighted.

  May Belle as a young mother in Minneapolis Minnesota, April or May 1912

May Belle and Auntie with Betsy and JanetGrandmother May Belle (on the right)  in Spring 1940, shortly before she died in July 1940 – Winchester Mass  The 2 little girls are her grand daughters, and the other woman is her sister-in-law “Auntie”

  my grandmother May Belle in later years, the 1930’s, in Winchester Massachusetts


Ads in History: 1926 Bayer Aspirin

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Treasured Lives

It has long been called the “wonder drug.” No brand name has been so closely tied to the drug aspirin as Bayer, as demonstrated by this series of 1926 newspaper advertisements. Aspirin was promoted as a reliever of pain and fever, helping patients who suffer from colds, toothaches, sore throats, arthritis and many other maladies.bayer-aspirin_sb_1926

One of the tag lines in these ads, “Does Not Affect the Heart,” would later turn out to be false in at least one important sense. Low-dose aspirin is now used in some cases as a way to prevent heart attack and stroke, due to its blood-thinning properties.

The chemical ingredient in aspirin — acetylsalicylic acid — was synthesized by French chemist Charles Gerhardt in 1853. It is the key ingredient in willow tree bark, which has been used for more than three millennia to treat pain.

The exact history of the modern drug’s invention is mired…

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Miscellany 2

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IMG_0192 latest crochet blanket

IMG_0196  Katerina


IMG_0190  to be planted

13064760_1065575196832028_2253238549938166630_o  scribe