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John Powers, My 8X Great Grandfather May 20, 2016

Stantn st quintin Wiltshire


Stanton St Quinton, Wiltshire, England        John Powers, my 8X Great Grandfather, is buried here.      His dates are 1583-1642.







Burying Ground In Black And White

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Power Burying Ground  Power Burying Ground in Littleton Massachusetts

So many of the images we see now are in color – I was struck by the beauty of this image in black and white.


Rose Wilder Lane

RoseWilderLane01   Rose Wilder Lane – Laura Ingalls Wilder’s daughter was an experienced editor and novel writer.  Much has been written about her role in the writing and publishing of her mother’s books.  This mother/daughter combination has given so much pleasure to millions of readers with the Little House on the Prairie series on pioneer life in the America Mid-West.