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Empty Nest May 27, 2016

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Sigh.  It was bound to happen sooner or later. I’m just now getting around to actually writing about it. As you know, Day 2 of my Nature Challenge [here], I posted pictures of a little bird who was nesting in an alcove on our back porch. I must admit, it was such fun watching the parents care for the babies (I assume as much since I can’t tell one from the other) and watching the babies grow.

Shortly after the babies hatched, we had an onslaught of carpenter bees. These are all new experiences for us. We knew (had been told) that the carpenter bees would drill/bore holes into the home and lay eggs. Well, we couldn’t allow that to happen in our new home so the exterminators were called. We told the guy that he would just have to work around the nest. He explained to us that there…

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An Orkney Sunset

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Northern Lace

We do get the most amazing skies up here.  Clouds are usually coming and going, sometimes thick, sometimes wispy.  And this can make for rather nice sunsets.

Take the other night.  When I took Isla out for her evening walk about 8.30 it was spitting with rain, and the clouds were heavy and low, with the occasional break  This side of the bay faces due west, and there were holes in the cloud.

Orkney Sunset 001

Incidentally, I also took some photos of the swans.  Just two now, looking like a male and a female.

Orkney Sunset 002

When I got home I sat down to work as usual, but noticed the glorious view through the window.  For the next 45 mins or so, until about 10 pm, I periodically took photos from my chair.  I have cropped these, and removed the effect of the window glass, but have not edited them further.


Orkney Sunset 003Orkney Sunset 004Orkney Sunset 005Orkney Sunset 006Orkney Sunset 007Orkney Sunset 008Orkney Sunset 009Orkney Sunset 010Orkney Sunset 011

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Five of the Best Books about Charles Dickens

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Interesting Literature

The best books about Dickens

From detailed biographies of Dickens to ground-breaking works of literary criticism, there have been hundreds of books published about Charles Dickens‘s life and work. Here are five of our favourites – five of the finest books about Dickens for the reader seeking to negotiate their way through the great novelist’s work.

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