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Trip To Mystic June 29, 2016

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We had an extended family outing to Mystic Connecticut.  Rather confusing to me.  I had not realized there were separate entities as in Mystic Town, Mystic Seaport, Mystic River Connecticut.  I had previously just thought of Mystic Seaport as an Old Whaling Museum which we had visited one very cold day years ago.   Sort of like Old Sturbridge Village except with a seaport/whaling theme.

Well when we all voted to go down to Mystic for the last day outing of the Ireland bound members of our family group, I thought I was voting for the repeat of our Seaport visit years ago.  No such thing.  We drove right past the entrance to the Museum and spent our warm day exploring the town.  And what a nice day it was.  A fine tasty seafood lunch at a popular spot, S&P., right on the Mystic River (not to be confused with the Mystic River in Massachusetts).  Our lunchtime view of the river included the Mystic Drawbridge which was scheduled to open once each hour to stop busy pedestrians and all road vehicles and allow river traffic to pass.  A focal point!


After lunch we wandered up and down the main and adjoining streets.  Alas, we ran out of time to go to the yarn store, but we did go to the book store!  And also the Mystic Knotworks, which was almost like a yarn store for its vast array of colors.  And guess what – we bought a book in the bookstore that I had called Ian’s attention to in The Secret Garden in Ballard.  Mark Kurlansky’s book on Paper.  Further shopping and endless trying on of various items of clothing while the men waited patiently outside finally resulted in success with a purchase of grey crops from The Black Dog.  Just what I had been searching for but hadn’t really realized it.  By then it was nearly 6 p.m.  Still hot and muggy.  We headed home.  Too late to search for ancestors in the Mystic Cemetery – and the old cemeteries along our route back to Glastonbury.  I’m sure I could have a field day in an ancestor oriented search in this whole southern Connecticut area – save that for another time.

IMG_0480 after lunch  3 grandparents and the 4th took the picture

IMG_0463  full complement outside S&P

IMG_0466  Mystic River Mystic


Hello From Glastonbury June 26, 2016

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IMG_4209   Here is the Glastonbury family in Ballard a year ago.



Graduation Ceremony June 24, 2016

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Last night our grand daughter Ashley graduated (was promoted) from 8th grade.  She along with 300 ? classmates were awarded their certificates and can now look forward to high school in September.    The ceremony (promotion) was held outdoors and moved along briskly for about 45 minutes before the heavens opened with a torrential downpour.  All were soaked despite being prepared with raincoats and umbrellas.


Note that we called into use my Middlebury umbrella – this was a puzzle to me.  I don’t remember ever acquiring a Middlebury umbrella but there it was.  It had been in the trunk of the car for ages but surely only since 2011.  I just thought it was a blue and white striped golf umbrella, nothing special.  I graduated from Middlebury in 1958 – was my umbrella that old??  Where else had it been in the intervening years??


Ashley and her friend Tessa     Proud Dad James lurking in the background


IMG_0434 It will be Ashley’s sister Caitlin’s turn 2 years from now.


Lamu Cultural Festival June 22, 2016

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Journal Edge

Lamu Cultural Festival is a three-day event highlighting Lamu’s heritage in a carnival atmosphere featuring musical performances and dances, henna competitions, dhow and donkey races and traditional craft displays. Lamu is a small island off the Coast of Kenya. Steeped in history, it has been visited by people from all over the world. The inhabitants still uncover Chinese pottery from the 14th Century and the Arabic influence is seen through locals who can recite tales from the Arabian nights. The island has managed to keep its culture alive in the face of modernity, to pass on to future generations. A large part of Lamu’s charm lies in its throwback nature. Walking through the town, you are transported to another time and place.Lamu Cultural Festival is a celebration of both the past and the future, and the beliefs and traditions that are the heart and soul of the Lamu community. Most…

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Traffic Stopper June 21, 2016

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Coming home today on 65th, a major road near Ballard High School, traffic came to a standstill to let what looked like a family of baby racoons scamper across the road.

baby racoon  I wonder

Then I came on home and was told there was an alien creature outside our bedroom window.

Poor wee mousieIMG_0419

When the cat returned she wondered where her lunch had disappeared to.

So she decided to chase a butterfly.



On The Road Again

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The Seattle Randonneurs are on the road again for Day 4, the final day of their 1200K ride.  Only 125 miles today to finish in Mt. Vernon.  The photos below are from Day 3.  Oh how I wish I were X years younger and able to actively participate in this sport.  Oh well I get lots of vicarious pleasure from following my son and his friends and I don’t get wet and cold.

Dry Falls

Mazama country inn Day 3


Quintessentially English

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Marylebone cricket clubPortrait of gentlemen gathered outside the Marleybone Cricket Club at Lords – including W G Grace, the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII)

Artist Henry Barraud


Midsummer Spells to You

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Yellingrosa Weblog

In Finland Midsummer, 24.6.2016, is the biggest festival day of the year. It is the celebration of the summer solstice when Finns spend time with friends and/or family at summer cottages away from the cities. The Midsummer traditions come from the pagan era even though many of Finns either know them well. For example the bonfire was the gift to Ukko ylijumala (a Finnish God of Thunder) and the flames kept also the evil spirits away. The Midsummer Eve and Night is time to perform magic spells which normally revolve around love. You can for example hide wild flowers under your pillow in the hope of catching a glimpse of your future husband in a dream.

Here I give you some links which can give more information about our Midsummer:
This White-Night –Magic video has an English commentary. It show the spells that young girls did in past. I…

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Mid Summers Eve/Summer Solstice June 20, 2016

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HX Report

Good luck to all who will travel to the Grange Stone Circle tomorrow morning – before sunrise – back in MB’s Irish HX homeland. And well done to those who attended this morning – the actual true Solstice morning of 2016, today 20 June being the longest (daylight) day of the 2016 year.

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Tour de Cascades

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Here they are – 4 days and nights of cycling.  Is it fun?  Starting and finishing in Mt Vernon – 1200 K.  Right now (Monday 11 am) they are toiling along headed for the final overnight stop in Mazama.

A refreshing stop for ice cream at Dry Falls

Dry Falls

Spectacular scenery!