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Mid Summers Eve/Summer Solstice June 20, 2016

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HX Report

Good luck to all who will travel to the Grange Stone Circle tomorrow morning – before sunrise – back in MB’s Irish HX homeland. And well done to those who attended this morning – the actual true Solstice morning of 2016, today 20 June being the longest (daylight) day of the 2016 year.

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Tour de Cascades

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Here they are – 4 days and nights of cycling.  Is it fun?  Starting and finishing in Mt Vernon – 1200 K.  Right now (Monday 11 am) they are toiling along headed for the final overnight stop in Mazama.

A refreshing stop for ice cream at Dry Falls

Dry Falls

Spectacular scenery!


10 Classic Summer Poems Everyone Should Read

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Interesting Literature

The best poems about summer

‘In a summer season, when soft was the sun’: so begins one of the great long poems of medieval England, William Langland’s Piers Plowman. But many shorter poems have reflected the warm sunshine and sense of happiness that we tend to associate with the summer season. Here are ten of the greatest poems about summer – at least, so we believe. Bask in their warm glow by clicking on the title of each poem below.

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June 21, अंतर्राष्ट्रीय योग दिवस-International Yoga Day

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Journal Edge

Yoga has its origin thousands of years ago in India. Yoga is a mind and body practice with historical origins in ancient Indian philosophy. Like other meditative movement practices used for health …Read More..

Source: June 21, अंतर्राष्ट्रीय योग दिवस-International Yoga Day

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