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Graduation Ceremony June 24, 2016

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Last night our grand daughter Ashley graduated (was promoted) from 8th grade.  She along with 300 ? classmates were awarded their certificates and can now look forward to high school in September.    The ceremony (promotion) was held outdoors and moved along briskly for about 45 minutes before the heavens opened with a torrential downpour.  All were soaked despite being prepared with raincoats and umbrellas.


Note that we called into use my Middlebury umbrella – this was a puzzle to me.  I don’t remember ever acquiring a Middlebury umbrella but there it was.  It had been in the trunk of the car for ages but surely only since 2011.  I just thought it was a blue and white striped golf umbrella, nothing special.  I graduated from Middlebury in 1958 – was my umbrella that old??  Where else had it been in the intervening years??


Ashley and her friend Tessa     Proud Dad James lurking in the background


IMG_0434 It will be Ashley’s sister Caitlin’s turn 2 years from now.