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Distant Ancestor July 30, 2016

Robert Keyes – early immigrant – one of the founders of Watertown MassachusettsWatertown Founders Robert Keyes

Watertown is adjacent to my hometown of Belmont.

Photo below: Cemetery associated with Robert Keyes





The battle of lake Tanganyika

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A Bushsnob in Africa

While in Pretoria searching for the SMS Königsberg’s gun I saw an entry from Guadalupe, a Facebook friend, narrating her enriching experience of a few years back on board of the MV Liemba in lake Tanganyika. This inspired me to add a second part to the story of the gun of the Königsberg that actually includes the use of another one in the Battle of Lake Tanganyika. I hope you enjoy it.

In 1914 East Africa was the gem in the German imperial crown. It was strategically positioned to offer deep-water ports for the German Navy actions against British shipping in the Indian Ocean. It also enabled Germany to control the Great Lakes of the East African Great Rift Valley that splits the continent from north to south. The 644 km long lake Tanganyika had a particular strategic value as Germany and the Allies (Britain and Belgium) shared its shores.

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The Culpepper Line July 29, 2016

Culpepper farmland west sussex  Culpepper country Sussex England

Two Culpepper brothers married two sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth, granddaughters of Sir Richard Wakehurst, who thus brought the Wakehurst estate into the Culpepper family.

Medieval ancestors.

Culpepper Brass Monument  Culpepper effigy

Sir Walter Culpepper – known as “The Squire of Agincourt”



At The Lake

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Ruth at lake photo   My sister Ruth enjoying a summer evening at a lake in New Hampshire


The Enchanting Beatrix Potter July 28, 2016

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Cafe Book Bean

“I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood,
tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense.”

Beautiful words by a beautiful soul!
Beatrix Potter, 2012, Olivia WasteHelen Beatrix Potter 
A whimsical and brilliant
writer and artist.
Born today July 28th in 1866.

Known mostly for her charming sweet
Jemima1children’s books staring such famous characters as; Jemima Puddle-Duck, Tom Kitten, and of course the timeless Peter Rabbit.

However she was more than just an enchanting
tumblr_luee59rs3e1qaq5smauthor and incredible artist. She was also a natural scientist and conservationist, and she dedicated much of herself to the passion of plants and animals.

What an astonishing women!

A few books that tell her story/stories:
      (Click Pictures for details)
The first is a biography on Potter, the second a collection of her

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Early Map Of Massachusetts Bay

map Mass Bay 1630-1640    Early map to help keep things straight for my collection of early immigrants


History Explored July 27, 2016

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staged enbroidery and spinning wheelThis staged historical picture kind of annoys me.  You would think she lead an idyllic life of leisure.  The photographer should have had her spinning on the big wheel at least.  Not doing delicate embroidery.

Photograph from an historical museum in Connecticut.


Elaborate Headstone

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Abraham Fitz Headstone

Headsone for Abraham Fitts in the Highland Cemetery Ipswich Massachusetts.  Abraham died age 59 in 1714


Ancestors Who Served In The Revolutionary War

As I research my genealogy I am finding that most of the men served in the military.  In early days this meant serving in the local militia.  As I come across those who served in the Revolutionary War I will list them here.

Aaron Fitts 1742-1805 was a Private

fd327 revolutionary war icon


Immigrant Ship

Immigrant Ship lyon

One of the Immigrant ships sailing between England and America