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Trip to Essex July 2, 2016

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IMG_0513  on the little ferry to get out to the island where the boat is moored

IMG_0507  on Blue Bell out of Essex




Another wonderful day revisiting and exploring familiar sites near Glastonbury Connecticut.  Essex is about 45 minutes drive away and we’ve done it many times.  We had a lovely day with lunch at Griswold Inn and then a cruise up the river and back.  Always a treat.  This area is so steeped in history.   I’m eager to learn more.

The picture below is from  a game park in southern Africa – an encounter between 2 types of storks – credit to a blog I follow, A Bushsnob in Africa.

DSCN9964 copy

I’ll add more pictures and  information when I get back to Seattle – I’m back and some pictures have been added to the original post.


Carnage at Long pool

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A Bushsnob in Africa

In the morning, as expected, we failed to locate the lions again but, driving over a small bridge nearby we found about twenty marabou storks (Leptoptilos crumenifer) congregated by a pond of green stagnant water. That was all that remained from the stream that flows there during the rainy season. As soon as we stopped they slowly moved away to what they considered to be a safe distance from us, away from the water. We moved off to a bend in the dry riverbed to watch them undisturbed. As soon as we withdrew they returned to the pool and resumed their activity.

DSCN9918 copy The first group of marabou storks we saw.

The storks were feeding on stranded fish, probably catfish judging by the frequent rises they made to breath on the surface, opportunity immediately taken up by the storks that would rush towards the water movement ready to snap…

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