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Dragonfly July 7, 2016

Filed under: Birds,Colours,Dragonflies,Family memories — Janet @ 1:07 pm

dragonfly  photo credit – A Bushsnob in Africa

I was about to write a blog about a surprise sighting of a dragonfly yesterday.  Right outside my window.  I haven’t seen one in years.  I googled dragonfly and browsed through 17 pages for “dragonfly” in Wikipedia – I was not expecting such a history.  Before selecting a photo this morning I was reading my usual selection of latest blogs – bingo – A Bushsnob in Africa had a photo for me.  Serendipity.  My dragonfly was hardly as colorful.  Just black.    The Bushsnob also had numerous photos of elephants – needless to say I have not seen an elephant outside my window – I have to go to the zoo for that – or go back to Kenya where we lived for many happy years.


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