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Thinking Of My Father July 16, 2016

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Today would have been my father’s 111th birthday.  Sadly he died at age 57 in 1949.  He is fondly remembered almost every day by my sisters and me.

  My father pictured with his mother in Florida in 1943


The Open 2016

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at the OPEN

The Open is in Scotland.  Wish I were there – despite the rain and the wind – after all that’s Scotland isn’t it?  For those who are wondering, this is a golf tournament.  The Wimbledon of golf.


Finding Treasures

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The Sweaty Knitter, Weaver and Devotee of Other Fiber Arts

I enjoy roaming the aisles of used book stores.  Over the years I have found some amazing HandweaversWorkbookbooks for very little money.  Recently I came across a 1956 edition of A Handweaver’s Workbook by Heather G. Thorpe (originally published 1936, reissued in 1974).  Not surprising given its age, the book is hardbound, and the pages are printed on heavy acid-free pages. It is also in perfect condition, nary a pencil mark! What a find!

Browsing through it, I was impressed by its thorough yet not overwhelming approach to introducing weaving.  I learned some interesting facts I’ve not seen newer weaving survey books or learned in a weaving class.

Did you know (I didn’t!) that …

PorteeCrossThere are different names for crosses on warps made withe a paddle dependent upon their position:  The first cross at the end of a warp is called a porrey cross; the second cross is called…

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