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Annotated List Of Immigrants July 18, 2016

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English Immigrant

I said earlier that I was feeling overwhelmed by the number of ancestors I was finding who had sailed from England to North America in the early 17th century.  By arranging my list of ancestors in alphabetical order maybe that will help to keep track of them.  Hence the following:

Update as of April 7, 2018

Ackley, Joanna – born in England in 1615, daughter of Nicholas Ackley, wife of Phillip Ackley 1612-1676    married Phillip Ackley in 1646 in North America  6 children

Adams, Robert Sr    9th Great Grandfather    1582-1676    Devon to Ipswich  Essex    arrived 1635 in Ipswich with his wife Elizabeth Sharlon (or EleanorWilmot?) and their 1st 2 children    moved to Newbury   age 53

Adams, Robert Jr  1602-1682   Devon to Newbury     arrived 1635 Ipswich with his wife Eleanor Wilmot and their 2 eldest children

Alcock, Frances     eventually married John Hutchins

Alford, Alexander – came to America from Somerset when he was age 10 in 1637.  Settled in    Hartford, married Mary Vore in 1646 in Windsor Conn, died in Northampton.     Mary Vore had come to America from Somerset in 1630 when she was 13.  She came with her parents Richard Vore and Ann Harris.

*Alley, Hugh   I’m not sure why this name is part of this list

Andrews, Abigail    1622-1665    Norfolk England to Ipswich   married in Ipswich     wife of Daniel Hovey 1618-1692

Andrews, Elizabeth Franklin

Andrews, Capt Robert   9th GGF    born 1593    came from Suffolk England to ipswich arriving in 1634  he was an innkeeper

Annable, Anthony – and wife Jane Momford   arrived July 1623    on the Anne & Little James

Archer, Samuel    1603 1667   England to Salem  arrived in 1630    part of the Winthrop Fleet married in 1634     he was a carpenter

Atkins, Alice    1589-1650   arr 1638   she came with her husband John Stevens Sr and their sons William and John and 2 indentured servants John and Grace Lovejoy    the group sailed on the ship “Confidence”


Bailey, Reverend Thomas –  he and his wife Rebecca Friend came to Watertown from England in November 1687.  He joined his brother John   Rev Thomas died in January 1688/89, sadly before his son Thomas Bailey was born in August 1689

Baker, Abigail  9th GGM  1589-1659   Boxted Essex England to Ipswich

Baker, Thomas

Ball, Sir John

Ball, Capt William

Ballard, Elizabeth  1613-1657

Barnes, Thomas  1616-1717

Bates, James  Jr – The Bates family came to America on the Winthrop Society ship “Elizabeth” in April 1635    family of Clement a tailor age 40 and Anne age 40 and 5 children and 2 servants

Bates, James  Sr

Beckwith, Matthew – 1610-1680     Yorkshire to New London Connecticut

Belknap, Abraham

Bird, Dorothy – 1589-1676  arrived 1635   first went to Newton and later to Hartford

Bissell/Buswell, Capt John,  and wife Mary Drake    Arrived Nantasket 1630

Blower, Alice – came with her husband Capt Richard Brackett in 1633    daughter  of Thomas Blower

Blower, Thomas – part of the Great Migration  came from Sudbury or Stanstead  to Boston in 1635 on the ship “True Love”    with his wife Alice Frost whom he married in 1612      Thomas died in 1639   Alice remarried William Tilly in 1640

Bissell/Buswell, Capt John   – 1591-1677      and wife Mary Drake   arrived 1630 in Nantasket part of the Winthrop Fleet

Blacks, Mary   1605-1640  wife of John G King Jr   arr 1635   Dorchester England  to Weymouth   Massachusetts

Blower, Tom  part of the Great Migration   married Alice Frost    came to Boston in 1635 on the ship Truelove     from Stanstead Suffolk  1639-1640   wife Alice remarried William Tully

Bozeman, Margaret Offing

Boreman, Thomas

Born, Ann

Bostwick Family

Bosworth Family

Botsford, Edward   Bedfordshire to New Haven Connecticut

Botsford, Henry and wife Elizabeth Woolhead    Bedfordshire to Boston to Milford Connecticut   arrived in Boston June 26 1637 on the “Hector” and the “Martin”    many in the Prudden Davenport Eaton Company became the Original Planters in Milford Connecticut

Bowen, Ruth

Brachenbury, Susanna – 1594-1670  wife of Roger Beckwith

Bracket, Capt Richard – came in 1630 with his older brother Peter.  Richard went back to England briefly in 1633 to marry Alice Blower

Bradstreet, Simon – arrived Boston 1630  Winthrop Fleet

Brigham, Ann – came to America in 1635 at age 25, as the new wife of Simon Crosby.  She is buried in Quincy Mass.

Bright, John

Brouwer, Adam  Guernsey to New York

Bryant, Stephen – 1620-1665     arrived 1632   from Kent in Essex

Buckingham, Thomas  and wife Hannah Hawkins   came to America on the “Hector” in 1639 to Milford Connecticut with the Reverend Peter  Prudden     or came to Boston  first and then went to Milford Connecticut in 1639

Bullock, Richard

Burdin, George

Burt, Sir David

Burt, Henry Jr

Burwell   Bedfordshire to Virginia

Bushnell, Frances   8th GGM

Bushnell, Francis   9th GGF    Berkshire  to Guilford New Haven  1639       1580-1646   m 1605

Bushnell, Lt. William   1610-1683   Horsham to Deep River, Connecticut

Buswell, Capt John – 1591-1677   arr 1630 Nantasket Massachusetts

Butler, Joanna – wife of John Kingsley

Butler, Katherine – wife of John Kingsley


Carsley, Henry

Clapp, Edward – came in the Hopewell at age 26

Clapp, Thomas – arr in 1633

Clark, Eleanor

Clarke, Mary

Clarke, Susannah

Coffin, Elizabeth

Coffin, Tristram

Coit, John

Collins, Ann

Collins, Henry

Collins, Henry Jr

Collins,  John

Collins, Margery

Cooke, Joseph

Cooper, James

Cooper, John and wife Wilbroe came to America on the Hopewell in 1635

Cooper, Judith

Cooper, Peter

Cox, Mary – arr 1701 in Virginia

Coy, Richard – 8th GGF   came in 1638 when he was 13 with a Mr. Whittingham   became a leading man in Brookfield    killed in King Phillip’s War

Crosby, Dorothy –  8th GGM     Yorkshire to Essex

Crosby, Simon Sr – my 8th Great Grandfather.  He came from Yorkshire to Boston with his wife Ann Brigham whom he married in 1634.  They sailed on the Susan and Ellen.  His parents Thomas Crosby and Jane Sotheron came in 1638 to Cambridge.  Also Anthony Crosby, son of Simon’s brother William came to New England and resided in Rowley

Crosby, Thomas – arr Cambridge 1639

Cummings, Isaac – 8th GGF    came to Salem in 1627, born in Scotland, also lived in Watertown


Damon, Jane – at the age of 9 she came on the ship “Elizabeth and Ann”  to Watertown Massachusetts

Dane, Dr John

Danforth, Nicholas – came in 1634 on the Griffin    with 6 motherless children   from Framlingham Suffolk  was an innkeeper   to Boston and Cambridge

Dayton, Alice

Dayton, Ralph

Denne, Elizabeth – daughter of John.  She and her father John came from Boxted in Essex to Ipswich Mass.  They sailed on the Increase in 1635.

Denne, John – father of Elizabeth.  They came from Boxted in Essex to Ipswich Mass.  They sailed on the Increase in 1635.

Dewey, Margaret

Drake, Mary – wife of Capt John Bissell

Dudley, Ann – wife of Simon Biddstreet   arrived 1630 Boston   Winthrop Fleet

Duncan, Nathaniel   1586-1668   Exeter Devonshire to Dorchester   arrived 1633  with his wife Elizabeth Jourdain     9th GGF

Dutch, Osman – arr Rhode Island 1630   settled in Gloucester   one of the original 11 Gloucester fishermen      sent for his wife Grace Pratt in 1639   she had to sell their property in Bridport Dorset England

Dutch, Robert – arrived Ipswich 1646?

Dwight, Hannah


Early, Margaret    Essex to Hartford   9th GGM

Eaton, Abigail Gilson – born in Kent England  died in Dedham  1600-1650  arr 1635 Boston  married John Eaton in England in 1630

Edwards, Rhys – 1615-1683   arrived 1642 in Salem  from Suffolk  England

Ellery, William –  1620-1661   born in Cornwall England    died in Gloucester Massachusetts    8th GGF


Fairchild, Thomas

Farnham, Mary – arrived Boston 1635  age 7

Farnham, Ralph – wife Alice    children Thomas age 4, Ralph 2, Mary 1

Felton            – widow who Salem in 1636

Fiske, Elizabeth

Fiske, Mary Anne Anitye

Fitch, John

Fithian, William   8th GGF    1618-1678   Wales to New York  arr 1650

Fitts, Robert

Fletcher, Alice Glascocke

Fletcher, Deacon John – first came to Watertown and then went to Milford Conn.  prior to 1635?

Fletcher, Robert – came from Lancashire to Concord arriving in 1630 with his wife Sarah Hartnell     Hartwell Farm??

Flint, Thomas- 1575-1654   Wales to Salem Village

Foote, Francis – came with her husband and children

Fowle, George – 1610-1682  from Kent to Boston

Freland, Elizabeth Hannah

French, Elizabeth

French, Margaret

French, Capt William – came at age 32 with his wife and 4 children.  They sailed on the Defence in 1635.  They settled initially in Boston and later moved to Billerica.

Fowler, Joseph

Frost, Alice – wife of Thomas Blower    came to Boston on the ship “True Love” in 1635

Fuller, Amine


Gally, Elizabeth

Gass, John – 1730-1750  England to Kentucky

Gates, Stephen Jr – the Gates family came to America

Gedney, John Jr – 9th GGF   Norwich England to Salem  arrived 1637 Boston/Salem   wife Sarah, 3 children, 2 servants

Gedney, Sarah

Gerrish, Capt William  Jr –  1617-1687      arr 1639 on the ship “Jonathan”  married widow Joanna on 17 April 1645

Gilman, Edward

Gilman, Goodith

Gilman, Moses

Glover, Alice

Green, Anne   1616-1680   New Burkenham Norfolk England to Ipswich Massachusetts   1637     arr Boston

Greenleaf, Edmund

Greenleaf, Edward

Greenleaf, Sarah

Greenleaf, Steven

Griffin, Joshua

Griggs, George and Alice  and 5 children    Buckinghamshire to Boston on the Hopewell in 1635    daughter Mary Griggs went on to New Haven on the Hopewell a year later

Griswold, Edward

Griswold, Francis

Griswold, Sarah

Gross, Isaac –  arr Boston 1635

Gye, Mary


Haggis, Rose

Hardy, Thomas

Hart, Deacon Stephen – wife Mary Symond   came to Massachusetts Bay in 1633   settled first in Cambridge then to Hartford in 1636 and finally to Farmington

Hartwell, Sarah – she came from Chelmsford England to Concord arriving in 1630 with her husband Robert Fletcher

Hawkins, Hannah   wife of Thomas Buckingham

Haywood, John

Hazeltine, John

Herrick, Henry

Hicks, Margaret

Hicks, Robert

Higginson, Capt Thomas    Warwick to Virginia

Hill, Robert    arr 1637 on the Hector    then went on toConn in 1637

Hinds, John   Dorset to Hartford

Hinds, Walter   Wiltshire to Sudbury

Hinds, Capt. William Sr   Bedfordshire to Salem   Arrived 1644

Hobart, Hannah

Holland, John  Sea Captain

Hollister, Lieut John –  1612-1665   arr 1635   settler of Wethersfield    wife Joanna Trott

Holton, Deacon William

Homer, Thomas

Horn, James

Hosmer, James  with his wife Ann and 2 children and 2 maidservants   sailed from London to Massachusetts Bay in 1635 on the Elizabeth   settled first in Cambridge then in 1639 resold his land and moved to Concord

Howe, John

Humphrey,  Mary Marie       Essex to Massachusetts

Humphrey, Robert    1573 -1638

Hunt, Lt Peter

Hutchins, John – came in 1638 as a servant of the Dummers on the ship “Bevis”    married Frances Alcock who was also a servant of the Dummers


Ingalls, Edmund

Ingersoll, Sarah  8th GGM  Bedfordshire to Salem  arrived 1629 in Plymouth as an infant with her mother Alice and father Richard Ingersoll

Ingraham, Elizabeth

Ivory, Dorcas


Jenners, Mary

Jewson, Elizabeth   1612-1671    Wendover to Weymouth

Jocelyne, Rebecca –  1617-1675   arr 1635 in Boston    other members of the family Mary and Rebecca and Thomas and Jocelyn

Jones, Mary Martha

Jourdaine, Elizabeth  Devonshire to Dorchester  arrived 1633   9th GGM


Kember, Joanna –  Devon to Boston

Kendrick, George

Keyes, Robert – he and his wife Sarah arrived in 1630

Kidder, James Sr –  9th GGF   1626-1676     James the Elder     came from East Grinstead

Kimball, Sir Richard   father of Mary Kimball

Kimball, Thomas

Kingsley, John –   wife Mary Blucks  arr 1635 Cambridge    Dorchester England to Weymouth

Kinsley, Stephen – arr Dorchester 1635

Kinsman, Mary Sadler –

Kinsman, Robert

Knowlton, William


Lanclott, Rachel – born in Suffolk England 1575   married 1642 in U.S,

Larkin, Edith

Larkin, Edward

Laskin, Hugh

Lathrop, Thomas Sr

Learned, William

Leek, Phillip – married Joanna Ackley

Lobley, Ann –  wife of Isaac Gross  arr Boston 1635

Lord, Grace

Lord, Thomas M.D.

Lovell, Joanna – wife of William Garrish

Lovell, Percival – at age 68 he came to Newbury on the “Jonathan” in 1639   big family group plus business associates

Lynde, Elizabeth Mary –  Yorkshire to Lynn   married Matthew Beckwith

Lyford, Ruth – arrived in Plymouth 1624

Lynde, Elizabeth Mary – Yorkshire to Lyme   married Matthew Beckwith


Mansfield, Andrew

March, Eulalia

MacDonald, Colonel Lewis

Marlowe, Rebecca – wife of Thomas Jocelyn    family on the “Increase”    arr 1635 in Boston

Marshall, Elizabeth – arr 1636 in Dorchester   married Thomas Trowbridge

Mason, Hugh

Masterson, Mary

Maverick, Reverend John

Measham, Jeremiah

Melvin, Lady Janet – she was born in Scotland and she came to Virginia to live on the Isle of Wight

Middlebrook, Mary    1579-1672    Yorkshire to Rowley Massachusetts    married 1631 to Humphrey Raynor

Miller, Elizabeth Richardson –  1609-1666   Wales or England to Virginia

Miller, James Sr- he was born in 1610 in Norfolk England.  He married in 1637.  His wife was Lady Janet Melvin.  They were my 7X Great Grandparents.  Their son James Miller Jr was born in Charlestown in 1640

Miller, Sen – I think this should be Miller Sr

Minot, George

Minot, John

Moffatt, Charles – Dumfrieshire Scotland to Randolph North Carolina

Moffatt, Lt John –  Scotland to Virginia    French and Indian War

Moore, Anna

Moore, Catherine

Moore, John

Moore, William, Sea Capt  – he was born in Berkshire and he emigrated to Ipswich Mass.

Morrill, Isaac and wife Sarah Clemmet came to Massachusetts Bay in 1632 on the Lyon and settled in Roxbury   9th Great Grandparents   one of their daughters, Mary, married a Folger and is mentioned in Moby Dick

Mousall, Deacon Ralph

Mousall, John – he married Joanna Thompson

Mumforde, Elizabeth

Murdock, John

Murdock, Peter


Newall, Abraham Jr. – from Ipswich England, arrived 1634, colonized Roxbury

Newell, Grace – arrived 1634

Nurse, Francis   husband of Rebecca – witch in Salem


Ormsby, Richard

Osgood, John – 1595-1651  Cottonwood Farm in Cherwell England    in April 1638 he and his family sailed on the ship “Confidence”    landed in Ipswich


Palphry, Jane – arrived in Boston in 1632, married George Willis in 1637

Park, Richard

Park, Thomas

Parsons, William

Perkins, Thank Ye Lord

Philbrick, James

Philbrick, Thomas –  arr 1630   Winthrop Fleet

Phillips, Nicholas –  arr in Boston in 1656  one of many trips

Phippin, Judith

Pierce, Persis –  England to Charlestown  arr 1634

Pierson, Wilmoe Griggs – arr 1635 with husband John Cooper and 5 children

Pillsbury, William

Platt, Sarah

Plimpton, John – 1619-1677   married 1643    arr 1643 Dedham Massachusetts   1619-1577   Roxbury Suffolk Mass

Powell, Thomas   1616-1681   Suffolk to New Haven

Pratt, Grace – wife of Osman Dutch   came from Bridport Dorset in 1639 with son Robert

Prescott, John  (and wife and 4 children)

Preston, Roger Jr

Preston, Roger Sr    arr Boston 1535

Pyce, Alice


Rayner, Humphrey

Reese, Margaret – arr Salem 1636 with her husband and brother John

Richardson, Margaret

Rigby, Isabel Prescott

Roote, Mary

Roper, Elizabeth

Roper, Walter

Rugg, John  Sr

Rust, Henry


Sargent, William    8th GGF   Bristol England to Ipswich    arr 1632

Savory, Thomas

Schellinger, Cornelia Mely

Scott, Ursula – mother of Mary Kimball   were these people from Suffolk and emigrated to Ipswich in the 1640’s?       Ursula was Richard Kimball’s wife      Mary Kimball was married to Robert Dutch

Seabrooke, Emore

Seaver, Robert   1608-1681

Selkrigg, William – Glasgow to Waterbury

Shephard, Ralph

Smith, Elizabeth

Smith, Elizabeth

Smith, Henry

Smith, James    8th GGF   Lancashire to America

Smith, John Quartermaster – at age 30 he arrived in Boston or Virginia

Smith, Samuel – he and his wife Barbara Mumforde arrived in 1634

Southcott, Elizabeth    9th GGM   1609=1684

Southern, Jane

Spaulding, Mary – wife of Stephen Kingsley   Suffolk England  to Norfolk Massachusetts

Standish, Barbara – wife of Myles Standish   arr July 1623 and married Myles shortly after

Standish, Myles –   8th GGF  sailed on the Mayflower   arrived October 1620   Plymouth Colony and Duxbury  Myles” 1st wife died in Plymouth in the first sickness

Starr, Comfort (Dr.) – emigrated in 1635 to Cambridge on the Hercules of Sandwich

Starr, Elizabeth – emigrated from Kent to Sudbury

Stebbins, Alice

Stebbins, Mary

Stetson, Cornet Robert – and wife Honor Tucker  arr 1643

Stevens, Dimis – wife of Tristam Coffin

Stevens, John  III   arrived on the Confidence in 1638  with his wife Alice Ann Atkins

Stevens, Phillippa Bitfield

Stevens, William

Stone, Gregory – not a direct relative – Gregory and Simon sailed on the Increase.  The journey took 3 months.  Their grandfather Simon Stone was my     Great Grandfather.

Stone, Simon – not a direct relative

Strong, Alice

Sutton, Olive

Sweetser, Seth – 1606-1662  Hertfordshire to Charlestown

Swift, Mary – to Dorchester

Symonds, Elizabeth – married Stephen Hart and came to Massachusetts Bay in 1633

Symonds, William


Tay, William – Netherlands to New York  arr 1644

Thomas, Sir William – with wife Elizabeth Richardson Miller     South Wales to Virginia

Thompson, Alice

Thurlow, Richard

Tolman, Sarah

Tolman, Thomas

Toothaker, Margaret – arrived in Boston in 1635

Towne, John

Trask, Osmund

Trimble, Alexander   1726-1785   County Donegal to Crown Point    left Ireland at the height of the Famine? the Famine was a century later

Tritton, Mary Goldhatch

Trott, Joanna – wife if Lt. John Hollister   1618-1694

Trowbridge, William

Tufts – 1613-1682   Kent to Charlestown

Tuttle, William   9th GGF   1607-1673   came from Northampton to Boston in 1635 on the Planter with his wife Elizabeth and 3 children


Ufford, John


Vore, Mary – at age 13 in 1630 she was brought by her parents from Somerset to New England.  In 1646 she married Alexander Alford in Windsor Connecticut

Vore, Richard – father of Mary, married to Ann Harris


Waltham, Alice

Ward, Elizabeth – servant with Thomas Josselyn and family

Ward, Mary – emigrated to Hartford

Ward, Henry – Stratford Suffolk to Hingham     did he arrive in Virginia or New England in 1637?

Ward, Samuel

Wardwell, William

Warner, Abigail

Warner, Daniel – sailed on the Increase in 1635 with his parents.  Married Elizabeth Denne in 1640 in Ipswich Mass.

Warner, William -William and his wife Abigail Baker and 3 sons sailed on the Increase in 1636 to Ipswich Mass.

Welch, Elizabeth

Wells, Hester

Wells, Thomas – wife Alice Tomes   m 1614 in Gloucestershire    future governor of Connecticut

Wheatley, Rachel – 1584-1651     part of a large family network that came to the Braintree area and elsewhere in New England in the Great Migration     Rachel came in 1635 on the ship “Planter” with her 2nd husband Martin Sanders and 2 of her Brackett children by her 1st marriage

Wheeler, Mary

Wheeler, Miriam Hawley

Wheeler, Moses

Wheeler, Richard

Whipple, John – sailed from Essex to Ipswich

Whipple, Matthew – sailed from Essex to Ipswich

Whipple,Susannah – 1622-1692

White, John   1602 Somerset -1673 Lancaster Mass

White, Mary

Wigeon, Capt Thomas – arr 1630   Winthrop Fleet

Wilder, Thomas

Willis, George – did he have a brother Michael?

Wilmot, Eleanor

Wilson, Mary – 8th GGM  England to Virginia 1635

Woodrorke, Mary

Woodman, Edward

Woodward, Rose Stewart

Woolhead, Thomas  1588-1650   from Bedfordshire to Milford New Haven Connecticut    and wife Alice Lambert

Worth, Lionel  ?   1627-1667   8th GGF

Worth, Susannah Whipple  ?

Wyckham, Mary Margaret – emigrated to Taunton

Now to add more details.

Approximate Number of Immigrants – 342


3 Responses to “Annotated List Of Immigrants”

  1. Henry Ball Says:

    Do you have any information on a John Ball of Wiltshire who eventually settled in Watertown, Ma. and what ship he sailed on? I understand that he possibly came from Trowbridge, Wiltshire in 1630. Thank You

  2. Janet Says:

    At the latest count there are now 333 people on this list of ancestors who immigrated to North America. I’ve been able to add names to the list as well as snippets of information about many of them. I am finding this genealogical research so fascinating.

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