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Gathering Information On The 192 Immigrants July 20, 2016

Gathering information on each of my immigrant ancestors


Joanna Ackley – she was my 8th Great Grandmother

born in Shropshire England in 1620

emigrated to New England

married Phillip Leek in 1646 in New Haven Connecticut

had 5 or 6 children

died in New Haven  Connecticut in June 1676 age 56


Joanna Ackley



Capt Sir Phillip Leek – he was my 8th Great Grandfather

born in Kent England in 1612

emigrated to New Haven Connecticut in  1638

had a tavern in New Haven

married Joanna Ackley in 1646 in New Haven Connecticut

fathered  5 or 6 children

fought in the French and Indian War ?

died in New Haven Connecticut in May 1676





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