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Sightseeing in London July 21, 2016

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Sightseeing in London

I’m not really a lover of cities and I think it is a dozen or more years since a previous trip to London. But on that enormously hot day – July 19th 2016, my wife had a need to go there and I went along for the ride.

Part of my going was that South West Trains were running £16 returns which made things viable financially, but I shall ignore the train journeys. From Waterloo we needed to get to a place near Baker Street and Regents Park. We used the 139 bus. We are of the bus pass generation so we had no extra to pay for this. The bus made for a mini sightseeing tour.

But let’s start with Regents Park where we joined many a lunch break person by the water.


A great place for water fowl. Canada geese dominated but there were…

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