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Battle Of Bogie Bushes July 24, 2016

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Intriguing.  Where else but in Scotland.  My 15th Great Grandfather was killed in this battle where he was assisting his Boswell brother-in-law.  Maybe I should try to reread some of the Sir Walter Scott novels.  I found them tough going 65 years ago.  I wonder if I would feel differently knowing that some of my ancestors were involved.


3 Responses to “Battle Of Bogie Bushes”

  1. Luanne @ TFK Says:

    Novels are supposed to be the genre of the masses, so I found it interesting that I looked up over 30 words in the first two pages of a Scott novel in grad school (can’t remember which one now). But in a world before TV and movies and many other novels they sure had a lot of adventure!

  2. You might find them more entertaining to read now, with your ancestors in mind, but they are fiction and as much about Scotland as King Arthur is about England, so I’m not sure how much reality about the past you would gain.

    • Janet Says:

      Thanks for that. I won’t add them to my “to read” list. I much prefer the nonfiction books I’m currently reading about American history. I’m reminded though of the Jean Plaidy books which I devoured back in the 1970’s. And Edith Pargenter – heavier going.

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