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Immigrants Alphabetized August 7, 2016

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English Immigrant

I said earlier that I was feeling overwhelmed by the number of ancestors I was finding who had sailed from England to North America in the early 17th century.  By arranging my list of ancestors in alphabetical order maybe that will help to keep track of them.  Hence the following:

Ackley, Joanna

Adams, Robert

Alford, Alexander

Alley, Hugh

Andrews, Abigail

Andrews, Elizabeth Franklin

Andrews, Capt Robert

Bailey, Thomas

Baker, Abigail

Baker, Thomas

Ball, Sir John

Ball, Capt William

Bates, James  Jr

Bates, James  Sr

Belknap, Abraham

Blower, Alice

Blower, Tom

Bozeman, Margaret Offing

Boreman, Thomas

Born, Ann

Bostwick Family

Bosworth Family

Bowen, Ruth

Bright, John

Bracket, Richard

Brigham, Ann

Buckingham, Thomas

Bullock, Richard

Burdin, George

Burt, Sir David

Burt, Henry Jr

Bushnell, Frances

Butler, Joanna

Carsley, Henry

Clapp, Edward

Clark, Eleanor

Clarke, Mary

Coffin, Elizabeth

Coffin, Tristram

Coit, John

Collins, Ann

Collins, Henry

Collins, Henry Jr

Collins,  John

Collins, Margery

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