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Surprise Rug Yarn: Cowhair August 7, 2016

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RugYarns (2)Last week I wrote about my day of washing and drying of Borgs rug yarn.  What I didn’t share was that among the other colored (i.e., non-green) skeins were several with labels reading “Wholly produced in Sweden RugYarnTag2 (2)by Klippan’s Yllefabrik A/B….CUM Textiles Industries Ltd. Denmark.”

Klippan’s Yllefabrik A/B, established in 1879, spun the yarn for CUM Textiles Industries Ltd.  CUM Textiles was located at 5 Rømersgade in the Capital Region of Copenhagen, Denmark.  I just finished a Google street map tour of the neighborhood but found no trace of CUM Textiles. 

I looked for information on CUM Textiles and came across one of its publications (thank you, Smithsonian Institute), an 84 page book titled “Scandinavian Handweaving and Textiles.”   (You will see there are a couple of download options.)  Weavers who are interested in traditional Scandinavian textiles undoubtedly will find it interesting. 

On its first inside page…

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