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Stamp Collecting August 13, 2016

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Dan the Stamp Man is trying to lure me into a purchase by putting this lovely page of stamps on Facebook.  Aren’t they just beautiful.  I used to collect stamps – a long time ago.  I still have all my albums and boxes full of stamps.  Nothing valuable so far as I know.  Just interesting.  As to my postcard collection – well that’s another story.


World Elephant Day

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A Bushsnob in Africa

Yesterday (12 August)  it was World Elephant Day and I thought that what we saw last week at Ngweshla pan in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe is a suitable scene to remember these amazing animals that the more I watch, the more I get entertained and admire.

I owe my increasing interest for these animals to my daughter (the intermittent Senior Editor of this blog) who, from very young age was fascinated by these animals and gradually “educated” me to appreciate them.

I hope you will find the video fun!

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B-25 Bomber Virtual Tour

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Poltrack Family

North American B-25 Mitchell: The Ultimate Look: From Drawing Board to Flying Arsenal

My Uncle Ed Poltrack piloted 60 missions in the Pacific Theatre in WWII. He piloted a B-25 Mitchell Bomber.  The National Museum of the Air Force  website has an interactive photo  gallery of the interior of this aircraft (see the links under the photo). Note:Ed piloted a variation of the original design in which the transparent nose was replaced with two fixed machine guns.

38th Bomb Group - 823rd Squadron 38th Bomb Group – 823rd Squadron

Click on links to see a 360 degree view of the interior of this aircraft (links open in new window)

Pilot Station


Radio Operator

Tail Gunner

Ed Poltrack in Cockpit Ed Poltrack in Cockpit

From Ed Poltrack’s War Diary — Sunday, April 15, 1944 – Mission #48

Mission to Hollandia. Nil interception. Nil ack-ack. On return met a solid front near Bogadjim. Turned toward coast and found a hole on…

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