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Weaving TOG Granddaughter F August 14, 2016

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The Sweaty Knitter, Weaver and Devotee of Other Fiber Arts

Granddaughter F will be here in a few days!  Every visit my goal is to teach (or remind) her a hand craft.  This visit it is weaving (again), and my 15″ Cricket loom from Schacht awaits her.  (Her last weaving project was done on a Harrisville Design’s lap loom.)

CottonLoopRugCottonLoopPlacematsIn preparation for my Granddaughter F’s visit, I ordered two (matching) kits from Cotton Clouds:  The Cotton Loop Rug (left) and the Cotton Looper Placemats (right).

WaitinWeavingPicg for the kits to arrive, I envisioned us sitting companionably in the long summer evenings, happily chatting, as we connect the loops into the weft yarn.  Then we would weave side by side – Mormor (grandmother) on the floor loom and Granddaughter F at the Cricket.

I saw it so clearly in my mind!  I shared this bucolic vision with Thor, who, knowing both Granddaughter F and me, mildly suggested I…

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