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More Ancestors August 16, 2016

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Looking back over my previous blog entries I note that by  June 2016 I had identified bore than 2700 ancestors.  Now in midAugust the count is 3366 ancestors identified.  Those tree branches are getting heavier!


Cat And Mouse

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I have spent almost the entire morning watching our cat stalking a little field mouse.  I am not sure of the outcome.  Occasionally the mouse seemed to get away but the cat would go tearing down the stairs after it and later reappear with the poor little mouse in its mouth.  The cat would let go and the little mouse would “hide” again behind the waterng can or one of the pots.  The “game” would begin again.

IMG_0975      eyes on her prey




Gravestone Information

elizabeth seaver  grave marker for my 7th Great Grandmother Elizabeth Seaver in Eliot Burying Ground Roxbury Massachusetts

eliz seaver  I wish some dedicated soul would restore this marker so that we could read the original inscription

Elizabeth Seaver died in December 1731.  She was 88 years old.