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Cats Like To Feel Cosy August 27, 2016

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IMG_1138   Katerina – the smaller the box the better


Stitchery In The 18th Century

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Colonial Paul Wentworth House  Stitchery in the 18th century at the Colonal Paul Wentworth House, Rollingsford New Hampshire


Autumn Is Coming

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We went up to the Skagit Valley for a 24 hour getaway.  It was wonderful.  It is such a beautiful area between the mountains and the sea.  Fields of fruit trees, flowers, corn and much more .  This morning I took an early morning amble outside our bedroom.  I thought I was in the Garden of Eden, a pear tree, a plum tree, fruit just dropping at my feet – and then a cat appeared to confirm my feeling.  She/he scampered off and disappeared in the field of corn.

Yesterday evening there was a great squawking overhead.  We went out on our deck to see what that was all about.  GEESE – IN  V  FORMATION.  Superb!

I had the intention of possibly finding/buying a painting of this beautiful valley – but failing that I feel inspired to try creating one oneself.  There is a lot of subject matter!


IMG_1123  pears abound       IMG_1121  Ripe for the picking. and note all the pears and plums on the ground


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