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Behind the scenes: Francelle Bradford White, on writing Andree’s War. September 9, 2016

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Mademoiselle Women

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Andree’s War. (Click here to read.)  It’s a great book, hence why I wanted to hear from the author, Francelle Bradford White herself:

20160723_113545.jpg Andree’s War; the book.

“I began writing the book because my mother Andree became ill with Alzheimer’s and someone had once told me that when you are upset about something in life it can help to write about it.  I decided, however, that rather than write about my worries and my problems I would write about what to me had been the most extraordinary day in my Mother’s life and that was what happened to her on the 17/7/1944 when she was arrested by the Werhmart, subsequently questioned by the Gestapo and then how she talked her way out of what she was being accused of.  This was the basis from which the whole book evolved i.e The way in which  Andree’s resistance group came about, what…

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