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All Saints Church, Sudbury England November 27, 2016

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all-saints-sudbury Associated with Peter Brackett, 1582-1616      my 10th Great Grandfather


Seasons and horses November 26, 2016

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Making memories

This post was written in May 2015, but something new came up, and the post was left in draft until I found it this week, and rewrote it, and added some new pictures to fit the season. The opening photograph was taken in Kilmokea Country Manor House, the best place for event photography around here.


The real horses belong to Kildalton Agricultural college. The college offers 18 courses, including Farm Management, Horsemanship, and my favorite Plant Identification & Use. I took the pictures in spring – the time of rejuvenation of life.





This Wisteria grows in beautiful College park.


I am not sure if the rapeseed field is a college property, but it lays right across the road.


Short Irish summer is not worth to mention 🙂


You wouldn’t notice a difference between July and October anyway 🙂


This horse is posing in front of a cottage in Connemara in the end…

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Fun Free First Thursday

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Wedgwood in Seattle History

Some Seattle museums offer free admission on the first Thursday of every month.  On the Free First Thursday of December 1, 2016, a trip to museums in downtown Seattle offers the additional delight of viewing holiday-season decorations in nearby hotels and stores.

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Does Katerina Love My Knitting?

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Happy Thanksgiving November 24, 2016

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img_1787  Selfie all set to do the Turkey Trot – a 5K fun walk near Golden Gardens here in Seattle – but it’s pouring rain.  So I’ll stay home and do the mashed potatoes for our turkey dinner later today.

Here’s what I missed


photo credits to the Whiteside/Sutliff family


Thanksgiving Eve

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Lunch at the neighborhood ale house – The Barking Dog

img_1785           img_1784  And a friendly quiet dog was waiting outside


Counting The Leaves On The Family Tree November 23, 2016

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The ancestor count has now reached 4,268


Of those ancestors I now count approximately 350 who came to America during the 1600’s.

These people were my 6th, 7th, and 8th Great Grandparents.

Many of them came during the Great Migration, 1630-1640.  The earliest came in 1620 on the Mayflower to Plymouth Colony.  Myles Standish

The next was a woman, Susan         , in 1624.  Followed by           in 1627.  There could well be others who came in the 1620’s but I have yet to identify them.

A large number came in the following decade starting in 1630.

arbella-flagship-of-the-winthrop-fleet  The Arbella, flagship of the Winthrop Fleet, 1630

immigrant ancestor

16a5f4ad-6ef2-4472-866e-c4e49e56d440 immigrant ship

immigrant-ship-lyon-12  one of the 11 Ships in the Winthrop Fleet, 1630


Pokemon Cards November 22, 2016

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pokemon_collection  I have 2 grandsons who are obsessively collecting  Pokemon cards. It gives me such pleasure to see the excitement  and joy they express when I appear with a new packet for each of them.  Let joy be unconfined.  Am I trying to ingratiate myself with those two rascals?  Well, frankly yes.

img_1494  the grandsons with a friend looking at Pokemon cards

Even more rewarding was to find that the older and more reserved of the 2 boys had written a story about the excitement and pleasure he finds in collecting Pokemon cards.  Many of his classmates complemented him on his story.   I too was touched to read that Grandma’s generosity was cited in the opening sentence!  Little things mean a lot!

img_1346  looking at cards while waiting for the school bus



Cat Paintings – Pierre Bonnard

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bonnard-cat-4           ibonnard-cat-2      bonnard-cat-3



Conclusion of the BAILEY BOB Adventure November 20, 2016

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bailey-bob  This is the Bailey Bob in Essex.  You can just see a tiny edge of the Blue Belle, his neighbor’s boat.  The Bailey Bob is now docked in Palm Beach Florida.  The Blue Belle is all wrapped up in storage for the winter in Portland Connecticut.

img_1551  Here we are with son Andrew supervised by son David taking the Blue Belle from Essex upriver to Portland.  This was back when I visited in Glastonbury at the end of October.  At least I got to share some of the boating experience.  Now I have a hankering to share the trip south.  I wonder where David will store his boat for the winter next year.