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Distinguished Ancestor November 5, 2016

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richard-weston-1577-1635  Richard Weston 1577-1635, England


River Photos

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img_1538  Boats at the marina in Essex

brooklyn-bridge  they are underway – passing under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York    (photo courtesy of H Halpin)


Le sixième sens

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I am delighted to report that Louis Catorze only escaped once on Halloween night, and that we all survived (apart from the large mouse that he brought in and terrorised the next day). But, although it’s all over for another year, the scares continue in the form of his creepy kitty sixth sense, disproving our theory that it’s directly proportional to intelligence.

Despite not being the brightest star in the galaxy, he is able not only to differentiate his staff’s footsteps from others but also to anticipate our homecoming in advance. He peacefully sleeps through noises made by the neighbours, the postman and random passers-by. But the minute he hears his daddy – or, rather unnervingly, just BEFORE he hears his daddy – he races to the front door so fast that his stupid little feet can’t keep up with themselves, and he skids around on the slippy floorboards like…

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Cruising Down The River

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Cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon ………..that’s an old song I used to play on the piano years ago.  A tune from the early 1900’s?  Well today I’m thinking of our son David who set out early this morning to cruise down the Connecticut River en route to Florida.  I love to travel vicariously – hence with modern technology e.g. flight tracker – I hope to follow him.  A friend who berths his boat next to David’s in Essex wanted a companion to help him in moving his boat down to Florida.  David jumped aboard.

Pictures to follow.

img_1551  practice run

brooklyn-bridge passing under the Brooklyn Bridge  (photo credit H Halpin)

statue-of-liberty  Statue of Liberty   (photo by H Halpin}