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Day 3 En Route To Florida November 7, 2016

Filed under: BAILEYBOB,Boating,Travel — Janet @ 3:58 pm

This blog is turning into a travel log.  A temporary move but not unknown to happen now and again.   Six or seven years ago I followed the container ship carrying our belongings from Dublin to Seattle.  Now I’m following one of our sons traveling on board the BAILEYBOB traveling from Essex Connecticut to Florida.  This is day 3 of their trip.  They are now near the Delaware and Chesapeake Canal Bridge.

day-3-to-florida   There is the bridge in the distance.  Looking good.

ditch-bridge-day-3  Passing under the bridge.

fuel-dock-cd   need to refuel again

brewer-oxford-yard  and so ends Day 3, sunset in Oxford Maryland





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