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Day 6 of the Boating Adventure November 10, 2016

The report I had last night from the BAILEYBOB was that it was getting windy and rain was moving in.  A small craft warning had been issued.   They had had a busy Day 5 traveling approximately 150 miles from Norfolk Virginia to Oriental North Carolina – ready for a rest.  They are now traveling the Intercostal Waterway  which started in Norfolk.    Draw a straight line south to Florida.

This journey makes me think of my grandfather Friend who in my memory travelled by car each October or November from Boston to Orlando or Clearwater Florida.  He stopped each night for a rest and stopped for a few days in Pinehurst North Carolina to play golf.  This was from about 1940 to 1956.



Just in from the BAILEYBOB     beaufort-north-carolina  Beaufort North Carolina      only 22 miles today     a late start and engine trouble


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