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Pokemon Cards November 22, 2016

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pokemon_collection  I have 2 grandsons who are obsessively collecting  Pokemon cards. It gives me such pleasure to see the excitement  and joy they express when I appear with a new packet for each of them.  Let joy be unconfined.  Am I trying to ingratiate myself with those two rascals?  Well, frankly yes.

img_1494  the grandsons with a friend looking at Pokemon cards

Even more rewarding was to find that the older and more reserved of the 2 boys had written a story about the excitement and pleasure he finds in collecting Pokemon cards.  Many of his classmates complemented him on his story.   I too was touched to read that Grandma’s generosity was cited in the opening sentence!  Little things mean a lot!

img_1346  looking at cards while waiting for the school bus



Cat Paintings – Pierre Bonnard

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bonnard-cat-4           ibonnard-cat-2      bonnard-cat-3