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Counting The Leaves On The Family Tree November 23, 2016

Filed under: Ancestors,Genealogy — Janet @ 7:35 pm

The ancestor count has now reached 4,268


Of those ancestors I now count approximately 350 who came to America during the 1600’s.

These people were my 6th, 7th, and 8th Great Grandparents.

Many of them came during the Great Migration, 1630-1640.  The earliest came in 1620 on the Mayflower to Plymouth Colony.  Myles Standish

The next was a woman, Susan         , in 1624.  Followed by           in 1627.  There could well be others who came in the 1620’s but I have yet to identify them.

A large number came in the following decade starting in 1630.

arbella-flagship-of-the-winthrop-fleet  The Arbella, flagship of the Winthrop Fleet, 1630

immigrant ancestor

16a5f4ad-6ef2-4472-866e-c4e49e56d440 immigrant ship

immigrant-ship-lyon-12  one of the 11 Ships in the Winthrop Fleet, 1630


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