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Seasons and horses November 26, 2016

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Making memories

This post was written in May 2015, but something new came up, and the post was left in draft until I found it this week, and rewrote it, and added some new pictures to fit the season. The opening photograph was taken in Kilmokea Country Manor House, the best place for event photography around here.


The real horses belong to Kildalton Agricultural college. The college offers 18 courses, including Farm Management, Horsemanship, and my favorite Plant Identification & Use. I took the pictures in spring – the time of rejuvenation of life.





This Wisteria grows in beautiful College park.


I am not sure if the rapeseed field is a college property, but it lays right across the road.


Short Irish summer is not worth to mention 🙂


You wouldn’t notice a difference between July and October anyway 🙂


This horse is posing in front of a cottage in Connemara in the end…

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Fun Free First Thursday

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Wedgwood in Seattle History

Some Seattle museums offer free admission on the first Thursday of every month.  On the Free First Thursday of December 1, 2016, a trip to museums in downtown Seattle offers the additional delight of viewing holiday-season decorations in nearby hotels and stores.

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Does Katerina Love My Knitting?

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