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Lieut John Hollister – One of the First Settlers in Wethersfield and Glastonbury Connecticut December 13, 2016

Filed under: Ancestors,Genealogy,Glastonbury Conn — Janet @ 11:51 pm

john-hollister-house  Hollister House – one of the first houses to be built in Glastonbury Connecticut 1649   in its original location it was subject to flooding

later added to, moved to Tryon Road in 1723

Lieut John Hollister was my 9th Great Grandfather

I find this quite exciting as one our sons has been living in Glastonbury for the past 15 years.  He and his wife and baby son were previously living in Ipswich in England.  Lots of my ancestors emigrated from there also.

Personal connections to local history give me a buzz.


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