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Here’s to the new year! January 1, 2017

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One person’s reading list for 2016. Mine will be published shortly – watch this space.


A Beautiful Morning

A beautiful morning to start the new year 2017.   We had a dusting of snow last night and welcome sunshine this morning.

img_2120  my latest scarf on display

And my favorite bird, the Northern Flicker reappeared for the fist time in about a month

220px-Northern_Flicker from wikipedia  Northern Flicker



Steller%27s_Jay_b57-3-076_l_1  Steller Jay – ever present

img_2114  and of course a squirrel, entertainment for the cat


Bush cats…

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Not a situation we encountered while we lived in Africa. We have only encountered mice and rats since moving to Seattle!!

A Bushsnob in Africa

While in Kenya, when a couple of friends departed, we inherited two neutered cats. They could not have been more different. One was a marmalade coloured male that went by the name of Tigger. The other one a seal-point Siamese female named Inky. While Tigger was an indoors fat and lazy youngster, Inky was an outside cat and an excellent hunter that forced us to make our bird feeder and bath cat-proof to prevent a disaster.

When our time to leave Kenya came, we were very attached to them and we decided to take them with us. After the needed health certificates and a special double box that would enable them to have eye contact through wire mesh, we were ready to go. The plane trip was not too far as we were going to Addis Ababa.

It was an easy trip and we found no difficulties on arrival at…

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