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Here’s to the new year! January 1, 2017

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One person’s reading list for 2016. Mine will be published shortly – watch this space.

Mademoiselle Women

Hello, and a happy new year to you, my lovely readers.-

It’s finally 2017, after the rather too literal monster of a year, 2016. (It was awful at points, right?) Anyway, let’s not dwell on that. New year, new attitude, and all that.

This was a website that began all the way back in 2012; it has gone through many guises since then. First just a young teenage rambling pot, a fashion faux par of a website, history, and, finally, lifestyle. And if there was anything that I could advise you on, in terms of the latter, is to read. Read as much as you can, just to experience the world outside of your own life.

I have loved to read since I first learnt to do so.

I wanted to write this first post, encouraging you to do so, because it is educative. Your thinking widens, ideas sharpen, and…

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