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Laces of Ipswich January 4, 2017

A great find – this book, The Laces of Ipswich, The Art and Economics of an Early American Industry by Marta Cotterell Raffel is perfect for combining my interests in history, genealogy, and economics.  I am only marginally interested in lace making in that it relates to weaving…..but this is a thoroughly researched picture of an industry in early New England and just maybe some of my ancestors!

img_2172    The Laces of Ipswich


whipple-house  Whipple House, Ipswich Massachusetts – some of the work highlighted in this book are displayed in Whipple House.



People of the Ship Canal: A.J. Goddard, Businessman and Legislator

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Wedgwood in Seattle History

The Fremont neighborhood of Seattle began in 1888 as a named, planned real estate development.  With its advantageous location at the northwest corner of Lake Union, Fremont grew rapidly.  In addition to its location with access to natural resources like water, Fremont’s vitality can be attributed to its dynamic and enterprising early residents.

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