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Christian Wainwright house, Market St. January 19, 2017

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Historic Ipswich

christian_wainwright_saltonstallIn 1845, the Christian Wainwright house was movedto a location facing Market Street at the corner of Saltonstall Street. The Ipswich Historical Commission bought and restored the Whipple House which was behind it. They tore down the Christian Wainwright house, and the Whipple House was later moved to the South Green.

Although the Historical Commission sign on the front of the house at 12 North Main Street identifies it as the home of Christian Wainwright, the Wainwright house sat next door and no longer exists. Christian was the widow of John Wainwright, son of Col. John Wainwright Senior, a man of great wealth who owned a large estate along East Street down to the wharf. He expanded his estate in 1710 by purchasing property that had passed from one of the early settlers, Thomas Treadwell to his son Nathaniel. It was Colonel Wainwright’s will that the estate should remain in…

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