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Strong drink January 19, 2017

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Historic Ipswich

It is said that the Pilgrims loaded more beer than water onto the Mayflower for their trip to the New World, and they began brewing immediately upon arrival. Our Ipswich forefathers consumed malt beer and other alcoholic drink, but the production and sale was carefully guarded. A colony statute in 1637 read: “Every town shall present a man to be allowed to sell wine and strong water made in the country, and no other strong water is to be sold.”

Samuel Appleton operated a malt-kiln near his home, which stood very near the railroad track on Topsfield Rd. The Town Record under date of December, 1641, reads: “Mr. Appleton promised to have a malt house ready by April next, and to malt such corn as shall be brought from the people of the Town at such rates as shall be thought equal from time to time, and no man (except for himself) is to have any made elsewhere for the space of five…

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