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Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond and Patriarch of the Tudor Dynasty January 21, 2017

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Edmund Tudor is a relatively unknown figure in the annals of history but as the father of King Henry VII of England he is the patriarch of the Tudor dynasty of kings and queens. He was also the brother of a king. He had a good reputation in Wales before dying a surprising death aged only twenty-six, another casualty of the Wars of the Roses.

Edmund was born c. 1430. He is sometimes referred to as Edmund of Hadham as he was born at the palace of Much Hadham, the home of his parents Owen Tudor and Catherine of Valois. Catherine was the French princess who married King Henry V of England and gave birth to King Henry VI so this made Edmund and his brother Jasper half-brothers of a king. After King Henry V died, Catherine supposedly married Owen Tudor who worked in her household. There is no actual…

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Back to Comeragh Mountains

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Making memories


After a short break we resume our hill walking exercises.

When you look at the picture, you see a sharp-peaked feature on the silhouette of the slope of the mountains in background. Remember it, I will tell you what it is in the end of this post. The mountains you see in the picture belong to the Knockanaffrin Ridge, and we are walking across the Comeragh Plateau.

I feel sorry for the little lamb – the gusts of wind are throwing the hail at the car window, but he is standing there and staring at me.


Another season, another storm. Heavy rain passed over Clonmel and the hills we visited in my previous post from the Comeraghs.


In my first Comeragh blog post you saw the other side of these distant Laghtnafrankee mountains – Glenary Valley. To get a closer look at the mountains, we will turn to the other road. There…

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